Building Better Bids

The Request for Proposal is on the street. You know you have a killer solution and your team of superstars will deliver the goods. But can you spare a resource from your team to put a proposal together that best positions your company and its unique story to win the contract?

RFPspecialists 2

Our expert team can pitch in for certain components of your response effort, or we can manage the entire bid process for you. Whether the Request is for Proposal, Information, Quotation, our capabilities include:

  • Writing and editing (with appropriate Subject Matter Expert inputs)
  • RFx analysis and breakdown of the components and requirements
  • Recommendation of company SME resources needed for content authoring, solution design, pricing, legal, and reviews
  • If needed, we can also take a more hands-on approach, conducting Q&A sessions and research to assist with content development.
  • Development of proposal project plan with timelines, tasks, resource assignments, and milestones that will enable the delivery of the proposal by the deadline. We generally follow the Shipley process.
  • Manage and communicate assignments/due dates with regular SME check-ins
  • Lead meetings/stand-ups (daily in latter stages) to identify issues, risks, or resource constraints that may require changes or escalation
  • Provide regular status reports to executive company leadership

Perhaps you’d prefer to keep your company’s proposal work in-house — but you are certain there must be a less frantic, more civilized way to get it done – and you’re right, there is. We can work with you to stop the madness, reduce the strain on your team, and (bonus!) strengthen your brand and messaging by keeping your story straight.

  • Working collaboratively with your team, we’ll evaluate your current practices, identify risks, then recommend strategic improvements.
  • If needed, we’ll help your team implement the changes you decide to make, which may include standard proposal management processes, workflows, and templates.
  • Establishing a “single source of truth” library of standard proposal content is essential. We can help you get started.
  • Investing in proposal software can further streamline and automate processes and may be worth considering, depending on your proposal volume. If you decide to explore options, we can assist with software evaluation and selection.

We understand the importance of confidentiality where your company information, resources, and proposal data is concerned and will be happy to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement with all necessary parties prior to commencement of work.

Tell us how we can help.