laura-sun bw3.pngLaura Lindenbusch, Founder and President of Business Storyteller, is a lifelong Indianapolis resident and a skilled and respected marketer, communicator, and project wrangler. After beginning her career as a freelance journalist, Laura gained valuable experience in marketing and project management positions in a variety of organizations – large, small, public, private, and some in-between.

“I believe in the possible, and always expect the unexpected. If I hit a wall, I’ll find a door. If there isn’t a door, I will carve one out.”

As a tech industry veteran, Laura is passionate about leveraging automaton and tools to ensure everything we do is traceable to a need, measurable, and repeatable. In the same fashion, monitoring performance and striving for continuous improvement takes us back to where success begins and ends: a single customer’s story, and the trust relationship we value with each and every one.

Visit Laura’s blog to learn why she is not Linda.